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Watch our Expert Talk with Horst Ellermann and Falk Schröder on 'Hyperconnectivity: Are we already behind?' Discover strategies to navigate the complexities of a hyperconnected business world and unlock the potential of IoT and cloud services. Watch now.

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From Connectivity to Hyperconnectivity

Connectivity to 

In 2020, eight billion devices worldwide were digitally connected. According to the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research this number will rise to approximately 50 billion in 2030. Ten years to almost quadruple, and this is an estimate that doesn’t even sense the side-effects that come with the numbers for both society and economy yet.

A map and a bit of imagination help to get a glimpse of what’s ahead on the road from connectivity to hyperconnectivity: Imagine you’re going from Berlin to Paris, by car, highways only, and let’s assume side roads simply don’t exist, i.e., no opportunity for you to exit even if the region you’re passing seems to be nice for a stop-over.

Hyperconnectivity refers to the comprehensive and seamless interconnections of individuals…

Our Experts

Our Experts

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Andrea Schmitz

Managing Partner Detecon
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Christian Maasem

Partner Detecon

Falk Schröder

Managing Partner Detecon
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Vit Soupal

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Hyperconnected Ecosystems
on the Horizon

Hyperconnected ecosystems are already on the horizon which is all about seamless sharing of data between interconnected devices and systems, ultimately enabling real-time collaboration and optimization across industries. This is when new business models come up that leverage data sharing and apply new modes of collaboration. At Detecon, we’re passionate about the opportunities that come with the hyperconnected world. We help you build the right networks to manage the quantum leap and delve into defining new business models together with you.

5G or 6G

Networks are seldom used by enterprises to streamline system operations.

By 2026

Companies need hyperconnected concepts.

By 2030

Consumers make personalized choices based on data integration.

Industry-independent model

Hyperconnectivity refers to the comprehensive and seamless interconnection of individuals, devices, and systems facilitated by advanced technologies.

It enables real-time data exchange on a large scale, fostering a data-driven economy and business transformation, and influencing social interaction and growth.

Case Studies

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200,000 freight wagons roll through Germany yearly – and something breaks down all the time. With 400 million tons of freight, it’s no small feat. So off to the nearest repair shop, but 7,000 times a year the message is: “We can’t get this wagon going at all here, please go on to the next ...

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High-tech location Jena: ZEISS surfs on new frequencies

No radio wave reaches 20 meters below the Earth's surface - but that didn't stop ZEISS from digging that deep for the excavation work at its founding location in Jena. The objective? To ensure that the new office, once built, doesn't suffer from any dead zones. So, the 5G campus network i ...

The Path to Hyperconnectivity

Background Hyperconnectivity
  • Beyond Connectivity: Beyond cloud and IoT, hyperconnected ecosystems emphasize real-time data sharing, new business models, and AI integration.
  • Redefining the business paradigm: Hyperconnectivity is revolutionizing the intersection of technology, society, and business.
  • The learning curve of business and society: Navigating the hyper-connected world is redefining norms and forcing organizations to adapt and evolve.
  • Timelines and Potential: The transition to hyperconnectivity is imminent, with pre-defined solutions available by 2026 and consumer choices reshaped by 2030.
  • Our Commitment: Detecon helps companies build networks and innovate new business models for a seamless transition to hyper-connectivity.
  • Unlocking new opportunities: Navigate through / Travel the changing landscape with our expertise to seize the opportunities of the hyperconnected world.
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