Expert Talk Hyperconnectivity
Are we already behind or still on track?
Horst Ellermann

Horst Ellermann

Publisher of CIO Magazine
Falk Schröder

Falk Schröder

Managing Partner Detecon

Expert Talk

Are we already behind or still on track?

Horst Ellermann, publisher of CIO Magazine, and Detecon Managing Partner Falk Schröder, talk about the challenges, threats and opportunities of hyperconnectivity. They discuss whether companies are on the right path to achieve a hyperconnected state for their businesses and to provide solutions to similar challenges.

Delve into the world of hyperconnectivity and explore how it’s transforming industries and unlocking new opportunities.

What’s at stake? Moving to the cloud and leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) surely are must-dos for any business that wishes to be relevant tomorrow.

This is all the more true since hyperconnective ecosystems are already on the horizon, which is all about seamless sharing of data between interconnected devices and systems, ultimately enabling real-time collaboration, and optimization across industries. 

The intelligence of the hyperconnectivity network comes from the inclusion of all available sources so that a comprehensive picture emerges in each case. This is when new business models come up that leverage data sharing and apply new modes of collaboration.

As Falk Schröder says, in Germany, we’re producing cars with integrated computers, but China is producing computers that can drive. Hence, the question is: Are we already behind?

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Your Experts
Falk Schröder

Falk Schröder

Managing Partner Detecon
Horst Ellermann

Horst Ellermann

Publisher of CIO Magazine

Your key takeaways
  • Hyperconnectivity

    Understanding and leveraging hyperconnectivity is vital for businesses to keep pace in the digital age

  • Industry Convergence

    Industries that once claimed uniqueness are now moving closer together, calling for cross-industry collaboration

  • Innovation Speed

    Long-discussed breakthroughs are now a reality and enable faster innovation cycles, especially in the automotive sector

  • Connectivity Challenges

    Businesses face challenges in bringing mobile network quality connectivity into enterprise environments

  • Data Management

    Crucial business decisions revolve around data residency and the level of interaction which should be enabled

  • Security Importance

    Governance, architecture and security advice play key roles in protecting a company's core business

  • Industry Shifts

    Sectors like manufacturing/logistics are increasingly using campus networks to streamline processes

  • Smart Cities

    Studying the development of Smart Cities can provide valuable innovation insights


Hyperconnectivity will revolutionize technology, societal paradigms, and business models beyond what we are familiar with on the Internet of Things and the industrial Internet.

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