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To thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape, businesses must embrace innovative approaches to harness the power of hyperconnectivity. The Detecon Hyperconnectivity Readiness Framework (HCRF) provides the basis for this.

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Hyperconnectivity is Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

Hyperconnectivity is Evolutionary,
not Revolutionary

Up to now, we have not yet fully exploited technological possibilities.
We have learned to digitize end-consumer services such as enjoying our favourite music: No more fumbling with records – unless you’re an enthusiast – but simply connect your mobile device to your bluetooth speakers, hit play in your digital database and then let’s rock.

When we all got rid of our CDs not long ago, this surely felt like a revolution, however, it’s not: it’s nothing but an evolutionary step like so many other improvements in consumer life. It’s enough to satisfy our enthusiasm and curiosity today, since the momentum of such things being new is still there – and that precisely is what may trick us into missing the quantum leap to the future.

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Hyperconnectivity will revolutionize technology, societal paradigms, and business models beyond what we are familiar with on the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet.

Stay tuned!

Learn more about what hyperconnectivity can mean to your business and how hyperconnectivity can be applied.

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